Frequently Asked Questions

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For an accurate bid amount Paneless will ask you to count your window panes. If you are requesting screen cleaning we will need to know how many screens you would like wet washed. If your screens are just dusty a dry brushing is included free with the window cleaning price.

Helpful hints while counting your panes:

• Please count your “regular” sized panes separately from French or Skylight panes, or anything that is over-sized. For examples, please look below.

• How long has it been since you last had your windows professionally cleaned?

• How big/tall is your home? Is it perched on a cliff? Are there rose bushes growing on trellises next to your windows? Let us know if you have a dog that enjoys eating window cleaners. Is your lot heavily wooded? Do you have delicate landscaping that we need to be aware of?

• And finally, have you recently done any construction, like having new windows installed? Did you just paint or pressure wash your home? Or are they dirty from weather and this is simply a maintenance cleaning?

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Our office staff will be delighted to coach you through the process of counting panes on the phone as you walk through your home. It’s really very simple. We don’t need measurements. We will give you a $50 range based on the information you give us. When you decide to hire us we will schedule an appointment for you. When our crew member arrives at your home he can give you a firm bid, if needed. If your pane count is 20 and there are actually 40 panes the final price will reflect that.

We also clean tracks, screens, frames and sills for an additional charge.

Included in our menu are roof and gutter cleaning, pressure washing and moss control which are projects that should be completed prior to window cleaning.