They Cleaned Everything!


E.M. replied: 10-31-2013
Hi Vivienne,
Service was just fine. I’m happy to have such great guys working in my house.




Hi Vivienne,
We were so impressed with the windows, you guys did an amazing job!! We’ll definitely be calling you again this spring! Thanks for checking in!
B Seattle 10-31-2013



Dear David~

Thank you so much! Brian did a beautiful job on the roof and gutters. The gutter faces are sparkling clean and he even cleaned up perfectly!

We appreciate Brian finding our faulty vent on the roof. My husband was able to secure it so that we will avoid water damage and other problems.

P.S. We will call in November for cleaning once all of the leaves fall.



Lorna and Bruce C.


Hi Melinda

Oh my gosh!  Happy is not the word!  The windows sparkle, the gutters are clean, our roof has been given an unofficial clean bill of health, and Joe was friendly, most helpful, efficient, and a true professional in all that he did.

We are so happy that we found you through Google.  We will definitely be calling on you and Joe again!!

Thanks again to you and Joe for the fantastic service — I brag about our windows to everyone!

All the best —

Debbie L, Seattle


Thank you for your outstanding work!
Rebecca D, Seattle

Melinda and David,
I want to send this note and a check to David as a thank you gift for a job well done. There should be more people like David in the world.
Dolly G, Seattle

Melinda –
Alex just left a few hours ago but I must tell you that I am so pleased with his work! He arrived on time and was very careful to keep our carpets clean by putting on shoe covers and keeping the legs of the ladder for the second story inside windows clean too. He worked quickly and had such a nice positive attitude! (And being around people with a positive attitude is becoming more important to me every day.)
I was working from home today in our den but that was no problem because he was very quiet as he went about the job. He cleaned the screens and also the window tracks – everything looks great. As a matter of fact, I almost had to put on sunglasses to continue working in the den because, with the windows and screens so clean, I wasn’t used to the bright light!
I definitely want to continue having all our windows, inside and out, done on a yearly basis. Your price is very reasonable for the high quality work that is done.
Please extend my thanks to Alex.
Susan L, Mill Creek


Hi Dave,

The windows look fantastic! When I came home it was like I had put on glasses for the first time! No worries, I didn’t notice any streaks.

We will be calling you again for sure.

Thank you Dave!
Carrie C, Seattle

WOW. What a deal. They were fast and thorough. Our windows had not been cleaned in, I am not kidding, at least 8 years. Our gutters had been cleaned sporadically. Paneless did a fantastic job on both. What was especially cool about the gutters is that THEY CONTROLLED AND DISPOSED OF THE GUTTER DEBRIS. My garden was completely clean afterwards. The windows came out so clean I startled myself several times: I had gotten so used to the filmy windows, the clear ones made it look like something was missing in my peripheral vision. And Melinda is a doll. I mentioned that was looking for a tile and grout contractor and she not only recommended one she had used personally, she also gave me her own $75 coupon for grout repair!
Dave B, Mill Creek

Gabe is such a Really Great Guy – patient and able to work around the massive chaos. Windows look great.

And – what is most important – the service! For you to reach out to someone who would work on his day off – well, amazing.

The check is in the mail tomorrow.

You will always be my window cleaners.  Windows look great. David, you and Gabe are my heroes!

Kathy B., Seattle

You guys cleaned all gutters and downspouts. Performed minor repairs, caulked around downspout and firmly attached them to the gutter. I definitely feel I got more than I paid for:

During a big rainstorm the other night night, I discovered my gutters overflowing. A waterfall was bringing water down right by foundation of my home and there was risk of flooding on first floor which is a a few feet under grade. I had used you guys at Paneless before and frantically called you the next morning. You sent Gabe over immediately and he did all the work while I was at the office. He cleaned all gutters and downspouts. He performed minor repairs, he caulked around downspout and firmly attached them to the gutter. He left a bill at front door. Then Vivienne called and reported what he did and accepted my credit card for payment. I’ve had you work on my house before and as usual you guys are so responsive and do a great job. I love that you even haul off all the gutter debris, compared to other companies that leave it on the ground beneath the gutter. People….Listen up: You won’t be disappointed with the services of this company.

Thanks Again,
Karen S., Seattle

Dear Paneless Window Cleaning,

Thank you for the quick response to my online inquiry! You were able to get me a rough estimate over the phone and schedule the service for the following week.
Brian arrived on time and a did a walk through and provided an official estimate based on seeing everything.  The work did come in on the high end of the original phone estimate, but to be fair the windows and gutters were really, really dirty. I’ve owned the house for about two years now and this is the first time I’ve had the gutters and windows cleaned so I wasn’t surprised. Given the amount of work the pricing was certainly fair.

Thank you!
Andrew S, Seattle

I would just like to say what a wonderful job Paneless Window Cleaning did on our windows.  Brian was fast, efficient, friendly and courteous. Great job! It’s amazing how clean windows change your outlook on the world.

Anne B,  Seattle

When we called for your service and met Melinda, we knew we had found a reputable company to do our windows. We were not surprised when David arrived exactly as specified and began working on some very dirty windows. His expertise, cleanliness and care in accomplishing the job was something to watch. We now regard you as our permanent glass cleaning company, and of course, we want Paneless Window Cleaning back in the spring.

We want to thank you for the outstanding service you provided us and feel free to use us as a recommendation for your services to anyone considering hiring you. Our very best wishes and high hopes that your business will increase tenfold.

Very sincerely,
Chet and Helen R, Shoreline

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